How to Set Up Movie Studio

To make home movies, you need a :

  • PC,

  • camcorder and

  • movie-editing software

Each of those component has particular requirements for making and editing home videos. That’s what’s covered in the tutorials in this section.

I spend extra time on the camcorder because it is the most important component of your movie studio. If you get a slow PC, you may end up waiting an extra twenty minutes for a movie to save on your hard drive. If you get a sub-par camcorder, you end up with poor video quality you'll be stuck with for eternity.

So I have several tutorials explaining why a Mini_DV camcorder is my choice, the difference between single-chip and 3-chip camcorders and whether a high-definition camcorder is worth the extra bucks. I also shared my 3-step process for buying a camcorder if you don’t have one.

But first, watch the video below to get an overview of how to set up your movie studio.

After you watch the video above, proceed to the next tutorial: PC Requirements.

By the way, you can refer to any of these video tutorials at any time in the How-To Central .

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