How to Share a Movie

There’s been a big shift on why we make home movies. People used to make home movies to preserve memories for the future. They’ll replay the movie at their children’s weddings or at a grandparent’s 70th birthday or something. Today, I make home movies to watch and share right now, not the future.

What’s driving this shift towards instant video sharing?

  1. Today, there are so many ways to instantly share my movies.,, email, the ipod is all about sharing your movies instantly.

  2. More and more people have fast access to the internet
  3. Video is becoming an important communication medium. I was on and the home page had a video of an interview with an author.

I used to spend a lot of time burning DVDs, make beautiful DVD covers, and mail it off to distant friends and family. Then I’ll call them every day to see if they’ve watched the DVD. I would be so disappointed if they didn’t drop everything and watched my masterpiece right away.

Then one day, because I was in a hurry, I uploaded my movie on the web and emailed it to my friends and family. Within 3 hours, I got feedback from my nieces in Framingham, my sister in Indonesia, my brother in Singapore. And they forwarded the email to other family members and before I knew it the whole extended clan knew where I went last Summer for vacation.

I'll still burn a DVD for a holiday year-end gift to my friends and family, but mostly I share my videos on the web, via email and on my Video iPod. Wherever my iPod goes, my movies go, now that's a great gift for a traveling business mom and dad.

Watch the video below for some fun examples on the many ways you can share your videos today…

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