Transfer Mini-DV Tape

Your video was not meant to be trapped in a Mini-DV stashed in a dark closet somewhere. Your video was destined to be set free into the world and shared amongst friends and family.

But the first step is to capture that video into your PC so you can edit out the boring parts, add transitions, and turn it into a sharp home movie.

The video below shows you how to connect your MiniDV camcorder to your PC. Press the Play button to watch the video tutorial.

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When you capture your video from your camcorder directly to your PC, the digital file you end up with is a DV-AVI format and has an .AVI file extension. This is a very high quality format. 1 hour of video takes up 13 Gig of hard disk space so make sure you have the space available.

USB or Firewire port for capturing video from camcorderIf your camcorder does not support firewire, but supports USB cable, you simply plug the USB cable to the USB port of the PC instead of the firewire port of the PC. The USB port and the firewire port look like the diagram on the right:

Other options you may want to consider:

Transfer the Mini-DV tape into a finished DVD (cannot be edited)

Send off the Mini-DV tape to a video transfer service and they return a digital file that you can edit.

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