Windows Movie Maker Overview

To turn your raw video into an entertaining polished movie with nifty transitions, special effects, titles and music, you need a video editing software. The movie-editing software that I highly recommend for busy and time-pressed folks like us is Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

There are several reasons for choosing Windows Movie Maker:

  1. It is easy, easy, easy to use.
  2. It is rich in features:  add music, pictures, titles and credits.
  3. It comes included with a fun collection of transitions and special effects. 
  4. It has AutoMovie feature – takes your raw video and auto-edit it to a music of your choice at the touch of a button.
  5. It is very stable. Video editing software is known to be big memory processing hogs and prone to crashing. Not this one.
  6. It is Free. It comes with your Windows XP software.
  7. Bottom line: You can make some really cool home movies to impress your family and friends very quickly.

The video tutorial below shows you:

  • a quick big-picture overview of the software and
  • where to find the software on your Windows PC.

If after watching the video below, you still can't locate it on your PC, you can click here to download Windows Movie Maker

And if you'd like an easy way to master Windows Movie Maker, I recommend my
"Make Home Movie" online course. For $39, you get instant access to an online video tutorials course where I walk through each task step-by-step, click-by-click as if you were right behind my shoulder.  Why waste time figuring everything out yourself? The course comes with a 100% guarantee that if you are not making home movies by the end of the course, just email me and you get all your money back, no questions asked. Click here for details.

Now for an overview of how easy it is to use Windows Movie Maker. (If video below has a black screen, please wait a few seconds while the video uploads, this video tutorial is a tad longer than my usual ones so may take a little more patience to wait for it to load. :-) )

As you can see from the video above, Windows Movie Maker is not only easy to use it offers many features to create a fun, polished video.  If you are not able to locate it on your PC, you can click here to download Windows Movie Maker

For a fun way to learn Windows Movie Maker, step-by-step, click-by-click, Preview "Make Home Movie" online course here.

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